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PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy – is a complex of treatment modalities for healing of injuries and different conditions. It is used mainly for sport injuries and for prevention of such. “Physiotherapy” is an umbrella term where are found different specific treatments:

  • Electrotherapy – this is treatment using low-, mid-, and high frequency electric fields
  • Radiotherapy – it uses rays with specific length
  • Laser therapy – uses light in certain spectrum of frequency, mostly in skin care
  • UV rays – for skeletal disorders
  • Ultrasound – used for deeper penetration of ointments into the dermis, in ultrasonography, etc.
  • Hydrotherapy – the use of hot and cold water, and many others.

Physiotherapy (Electrotherapy and hydro procedure combination)
Price: 10 – 15 BGN. (for combination treatment)