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Hot stone massage

Hot stone massageHot stone massage – is a type of impact on the body, so cooled and hot volcanic stones are placed on the body during Deep tissue massage. This is an ancient healing technique that is used for centuries for the treatment and prophylaxis of various conditions. Hot stone massage stimulates blood circulation, softens and restores muscle by releasing toxins from them, induces a state of deep relaxation, act powerfully against stress, relieves muscle spasms. Not least, it should be noted that contribute to the energy balance in the body. This massage helps to open the energy channels and balance the chakras (energetic centers in the body).

Hot stone massage
Duration: 80 min.
Price: 60 BGN

*For all massage types we use only certified organic essential and cold pressed oils and products of most reputable companies in the field of phyto – and aroma cosmetics, such as “Tisserand Aromatherapy” and “Pranarom”.

*For home visit please add 10 BGN