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Honey massage

Honey massageHoney massage – this is am unique combination of the healing effects of both therapeutic massage and honey’s biologically active ingredients which absorb toxins and help for their faster elimination. This method has a great effect not only on the skin making it silky smooth and hydrated but also on the blood and lymph circulation, and on the nervous system. The improved flow of blood and oxygen to the skin and underlying tissues is a significant health benefit for all the organs and systems.

The Honey massage cleanses the body of toxins and impurities layered between tissues for years of unhealthy diet, chemicals, medications, heavy metals poisoning. It is of great benefit for diseases like cardiovascular, digestive, immune, respiratory, neurological, dermatological, and many more.

Partial Honey massage
Duration: 40 min.
Price: 35 BGN
Full body Honey massage
Duration: 70 min.
Price: 50 BGN