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ToBeFit - AromatherapyAromatherapy – massage with fragrant oils or pomades is known since ancient times. It was considered massage of kings and Gods. Nova days it is well known method of extracting these precious oils from plants and methodologies for application by massage. Our center offers a High-end facial and body massage with organic essential and cold pressed oils. These oils used for treatments of increased stress levels and different muscular conditions.

Partial aromatherapy
Duration: 30 min.
Price: 35 BGN

Full body aromatherapy
Duration: 60 min.
Price: 50 BGN

*For all massage types we use only certified organic essential and cold pressed oils and products of most reputable companies in the field of phyto – and aroma cosmetics, such as “Tisserand Aromatherapy” and “Pranarom”.

*ДFor home visit please add 10 BGN

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